Bazi Calculator Free Report (Sample)

Bazi not only defines your characteristics and intrinsic talent.  You can also utilize this destiny map to identify the opportunities and challenges that await you in life.  We don’t always get to choose our life experiences but we can choose to be self-aware and develop our intrinsic talent to maximize our potential and success.

With this Bazi Calculator Free report, you will identify:

  1. Your Bazi Chart with Day Master (Who you are, characteristics)
  2. Your Luck Cycle and Experiences
  3. Your good and bad directions based on your birth details.   You can utilize the given directions to:
    • achieve success at work
    • pursue yours or your child’s educational development
    • promoting good health.


In addition, it is crucial to balance the elements in our Bazi chart.  This will allow us to enjoy a smoother life and harmonious relationships both at work and at home.  This can be done through:

  1. harnessing your personal good directions
  2. utilizing suitable colours (available in our membership pro)
  3. be engaged in the right industries or job roles (available in our membership pro).


Bazi and Feng Shui Consultation Testiomonial:

“Prior to having Janet as my Feng Shui consultant, I was experiencing huge swings in my career.  I kept changing jobs every two to three years. I was then recommended to consult with Janet, through a friend. After consulting her, my work has become more stable. Not only have I been in my current line of work for the last 12 years, I have built up harmonious relationship with people whom I know personally and at work too. Things have definitely improve over the years and till today, I am still engaging Janet as my Feng Shui consultation.”…  A sports trainer in Singapore.

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Please find below a sample for this Bazi Calculator Free report.  Membership is unlimited.  You can use this Bazi Calculator to calculate the Bazi Chart; the good and bad directions for as many family members or friends as you would like to.


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