What is Bazi Profile?

Your Bazi Profile tells you about your characteristics, motivations and most suitable job role.

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  1. Greater understanding of your own ROLE in life, and a renewed sense of purpose.
  2. You will gain key insights into your career path.  You will identiy the right job roles, best suited to your personality.
  3. Obtain expansive knowledge on your talents and strengths, attributes, characteristics and strengths to develop into competencies.
  4. Learn skills to build genuine bonds with the people in your life.
  5. View problems and challenges that come up at work as potential opportunities for greater success.



What is Bazi Analysis?

Unleashing your intrinsic personal potential to achieve peak performance

Put simply, your Bazi is a Destiny Map of the Opportunities and the Challenges that await for you in life. There are two components in Bazi (your Destiny Code)- Ming 命 & Yun 运. The first component is loosely translated as Destiny (or Fate) and the second component is Luck.

Here is another (perhaps better) way to see this concept.

  • Ming can be viewed as Character – the Individual’s innate personality and beliefs.
  • Yun can be seen as the life path you take – which represents your Experiences.

We don’t always get to choose all of our life experiences.  This is especially when we are ‘unaware’ about our life path or Bazi.  Just think back to our younger days – we are mostly governed by circumstances that we have no control over. But as we grow older, with education and knowledge, we begin to realise that we can choose our experiences. For instance, we can choose our jobs, where to live, where to go for a vacation, whether to eat healthily, etc.

Some people who go through an unsuccessful life tend to choose experiences that do not improve how they think and live.  They blame their ‘Luck’.  They blame their Fate.  On the other hand, for those who succeed in life, despite a difficult background, you will tend to choose experiences that add value to, improve and uplift your life. (The former will say these people have all the good ‘Luck’).  Hence, if you  can ‘choose’ your experiences, you can therefore change your luck in some way (That is, alter the Luck component of your Bazi).

Change begins with AWARENESS.

Your Bazi Profile tells you your PERSONALITY PROFILE .  It defines your characteristics, motivations, passions, approach to work and most suitable job roles. This is one part of your Ming 命. Hence, your luck improves when you begin to consciously reprogram (ie. change your mindset) your life.  You will start to take options that will give your better experiences (better Luck).  By understanding yourself (Ming 命) and what experiences you would likely encounter (Yun 运), you will have better ability to:

  • understand your luck cycles and ride the ‘good wave’ when it comes.
  • embark on and enjoy better luck cycles and gain better ‘experiences’ in life.
  • become a person of greater influence thru understanding yourself.

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