Bazi Calculator Report – Membership Pro (Sample)

In this Bazi Calculator report, besides your good and bad directions to face or sleep, we have included your favourable elements in terms of:

  1. colours
  2. suitable industries
  3. suitable job roles

to assist you in your life journey towards success, harmony and happiness.

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Bazi not only defines your characteristics and intrinsic talent, it is also a destiny map of the opportunities and challenges that await you in life.  We don’t always get to choose our life experiences but we can choose to be

  • self-aware
  • develop our intrinsic talent to maximize our potential and success.

It is also crucial to balance the elements in our Bazi chart to enjoy a smoother life and harmonious relationships both at work and at home.  This can be done through:

  1. harnessing your personal good directions.
  2. utilizing suitable colours. (Available in Membership Pro)
  3. be engaged in the right industries or job roles. (Available in Membership Pro)


Bazi consultation testimonials:

“Janet has been my Feng Shui consultant since 2012.  Since then, my career has been much smoother and more successful.  From Janet’s analysis of my Bazi profile, I know more about my strengths and weaknesses, thus better understand what type of work environment suits me and why I perform better or poorly at certain tasks.”…  S. Ou, Serangoon

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Please find below the sample for this Bazi Calculator report.  Membership is for a day and you can use this Bazi Calculator to calculate the Bazi Chart, favourable elements, industries and job roles for as many family members or friends as you would like to.

Download (PDF, 237KB)

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