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There are two components in Bazi:

  1.  Ming 
  2.  Yun 运.

Your Bazi chart tells you about your personality and your perception and relationship with others. This is one part of your Ming 命. Your luck improves when you begin to consciously reprogram your life using (choosing) better Experiences (better Luck).

By understanding yourself (Ming 命) and what experiences you would likely encounter (Yun 运), you will better be able to:

  1. Understand luck cycles and ride the ‘good wave’ when it comes.
  2. Embark on and enjoy better luck cycles and gain better ‘experiences’ in life
  3. Become a person of greater influence thru understanding yourself

Bazi not only defines your characteristics and intrinsic talent, it is also a destiny map of the opportunities and challenges that await you in life.  We don’t always get to choose our life experiences but we can choose to be self-aware, develop our intrinsic talent to maximize our potential and success.

It is also crucial to balance the elements in our Bazi chart to enjoy a smoother life and harmonious relationships both at work and at home.  This can be done through:

  1. harnessing your personal good directions
  2. utilizing suitable colours
  3. be engaged in the right industries or job roles. 


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BAZI PROFILE – Understand Your Approach to Work and Suitable Work Environment

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